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機 構 名 稱: 孟溰麗文理補習班
地          址: 基隆市仁愛區忠二街25號2樓
招 生 專 線: (02)24623570
機 構 類 型: 安親課輔   
招 生 年 齡: 7~12歲   13~15歲   
連 絡 時 間: 09:00~12:00, 12:00~17:00, 17:00~20:00
附 近 學 區: -選擇學校-
捷 運 車 站:
校          網:
電 子 信 箱: sharling6842@gmail.com

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主題: AkxFxNwlQlD
留言人: Hessy / 時間: 2016/8/5

內容: This is just the percfet answer for all of us

主題: KzYBSdfbZwtXPjrXxEA
留言人: Linx / 時間: 2016/8/4

內容: Well they didn’t have sex in the shower, just foreplay, so I don’t think they will be having sex in the shower any way you look at it. What if they show Eric showering in the beginning of the season….cause remember when we last saw him he was covered in cement…and that’s our shower scene? j/k of course…but I find it funny that he was about to take a shower most likely as last season ended. Showers seem to be a common thing on this shs;s &nbop;&nb.pw0 likes


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